Une photo que son auteur, le cher Lloyd Dunn, m'a envoyée pour les voeux. Elle représente un arbre servant de borne entre deux comtés. Landmark Tree near Brayton, Iowa, on the border of Cass and Audubon counties (...) A story is told of a surveyer who, during a survey of southwest Iowa in 1850, cut a walking stick from a young living cottonwood tree. He later drove the stick into the ground to mark a section corner. Years later, when it came time to make roads along the section lines that had been surveyed, it was discovered that the stick had put down roots and grown into a fairly large cottonwood tree. The road builders found that the tree was too large to remove, and they decided simply to build the crossroads so that the road encircled the tree. Le cottonwood, "bois de coton", est du genre Populus, donc une espèce de peuplier.